Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Horoscope Necessary

I'm going to end up an old cat lady. It's not that I really like cats all that much, it's just that I like dogs less. And you have to be either a cat person or a dog person, right? We moved to a new school and now our teachers' room is on the first floor, looking out over feral-cat-headquarters. A headscarfed babushka feeds them, and almost every person who walks by tries to pet them. Unsuccessfully. But they don't know that I can see every single vain attempt! My favorite was the woman in high heels and a fur coat, doubled over chasing one of the cats. Nice try, Cruella.

And then one of the cats came up to my open window and didn't run away when I approached it with my camera. That's when I realized that I was going to end up an old cat lady. Nobody likes seeing photographs of other people's pets, and I imagine this is even worse because it's just some stray cat.


  1. Although I’m not fond of cats or dogs, it appears that I too will be a ‘ol cat lady; those pictures are great!

  2. You aren't fooling me young lady. You don't love cats, you love taking pictures! And GREAT pictures they are! You can take something as disgusting and smelly-looking as a stray Ukrainian cat and make it look amazing.

    At least I hope that's what this all means. Otherwise, I'm going to be an old cat lady too.

  3. Alena, you don't stand a chance. Not only do you have cat hair on your food, but the stuff runs in your veins. At least symbolically. Grandma Shari is going to LOVE these cat pics. Nice work, YPIT.


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