Monday, November 2, 2009

Cast of Characters

The people who made the places:

Michal, airport angel
Tiger-breasted Kate, England
Crazy-eye Sean, Irish, Slovakia ride, glitter tattoos
Anna, Balloon Hostel owner
Karolina, worker
Barbara, worker
Bartok, brother of Anna/worker
Jacob, solo-travelling German
Tom, Australian astrophysicist, gorgeous
Harmonica Dan from San Fran/London
Eric, earned a cold shower
Dave? Polish, with crazy hair
Andrew, from Portland
Suza, travellin' Mama
Ashleigh, Australian, Ginger Monkey worker, paintballing, orangutan
Dror, Australia, sloth
Dan, Australia, jaguar
Jimbo, Ginger Monkey owner, Australian, delicious
Nick, Australian, fantastic drunk dancer/singer, paintball
Damien, Australian, paintball
Saint Jimmy, Australian, hot chocolate, paintball penguin
Kate, Australian, hamster
Patrick, Australian
Chrissie, Australian
Whitney, cool pants
Perry, San Jose
Ian, Irish
Andy, Australian, nap bed
Ryan, Australian
Chris, Australian, magic tricks and curls

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