Sunday, September 13, 2009

I like museums that only cost $1.50 USD

Open air museum: Traditional egg-painting, my first ever squat toilet, a field of old windmills, and more Ukrainian buildings. It got hot so we hid in the garden shade behind the blue building...

A porta-potty is strike one. Strike two is that I had to pay for it. Strike three is that I walked in and there was no toilet. Just a hole. Does it matter which way you face?




Who can resist a ditch full of puppies?


  1. Aloha, Alena! I am enjoying your entries--really. Your wry yet gentle voice is great to read. And you have a very nice "eye"--keep the pictures coming (love the one with you and the windmill, though you didn't actually take it). A "ditch full of puppies," indeed--you do "see" with words, too. All the best, SC (ENG 270 from a different world)

  2. Hi Alena--yes, it does "matter" which way you face on a "launch pad". Those foot markers are there for a purpose. Consider the parabolic splash effect.... Great pics and writeup. How did your egg painting turn out? Love, Dad


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